If you are new to the work-from-home and online freelancing world, then you might not have an electronic or online portfolio yet. This scenario is not uncommon for most career shifters as well.

This article will most likely not apply for programmers. If you are a coder you should really have some of your work in Github.

If you are not a coder and you really have nothing to show yet, then you should just create a 3-page portfolio.

You can create a good looking PDF file of your 3 best articles. Include images, links, and package it in a pleasing formatting.

For graphic designers, you can do the same thing. Take your best work and showcase it in a gorgeous PDF file.

I already made a simple 3-article portfolio sample that you can check out, and even copy a little bit of the formatting. Just email me (ljdanas [at] gmail (.) com) and I’ll send the download link directly to your inbox.

You need a simple portfolio in order to showcase your skills. So put your best foot forward. Sometimes, it’s not just about actual experience, it is also about how you package your skills and strengths.

This simple 3-page PDF document can be the difference maker that you need to get that online job you want.

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