There had been a proliferation of ads on the internet promising unlimited earnings for a small fee. Although some of these ads come from reputable companies, others are just out there to scam people.

Because there are more scam sites than legitimate online jobs sites, these made most people quite wary about getting a home based work.

If you are one of those individuals who do not have any other options but to work at home or you are someone who wants to earn extra income or one who wants to make a career out of online jobs, it is essential that you should know some basic things about what to look for to know if the site offers a legitimate online job.

1. Some companies are very creative in their advertising campaigns that it really feels too good to be true. When you feel that way then go with your gut feeling. Sometimes, companies that tell you about quick cash return, higher income earning, or easy money scheme are a fraud. So the best way for you to avoid falling victim to these kinds of ads and sites is to check the internet for reviews. 

There will always be people who also tried the jobs and sites that you would like to do or join online. They usually have the best insights about how those online jobs sites work. So their perspective would be quite helpful in avoiding scammers online

2. You can also check with the Work at Home Scam Bulletin Board. This site has lists of all scam sites in the internet. You will therefore already have an idea on what sites should be avoided.

3. Don’t pay to work from home. Some sites require you to pay first before you can see all their job boards and join in. Although there are some legitimate sites who do this, still it is best if you start with online jobs that do not require you to shell out some money. Direct employers online, will not really require you to pay them anything. If you like to join a paid site to access their job boards, make sure that you have checked some references by asking that site about contact numbers and addresses of people who have joined them. Testimonials from these people will help you big time in knowing whether the online jobs sites you are dealing with are legitimate or not.

Remember it pays to be careful especially when you are dealing with shady internet people. It's a very profitable market in which you can find all sorts of jobs and legitimate work if you know where to look. But it is also a haven for many scammers. So better exert extra effort when you can to avoid being scammed online.

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