Look, I’m not a guru, ninja, or rock star freelance writer. I’m just an ordinary guy who likes to spend time working from home and avoid rush hour traffic.

However, I’ve been a virtual assistant for easily a decade now. That’s why I know for a fact how hard it is to work from home as a VA if you don’t have proper English grammar and spelling.

You are already at a disadvantage if you can’t speak English without an accent. In addition, you’ll be hard pressed to find good online work if you can’t write a fairly good article in English.

Aside from all that, without English speaking and writing skills, you can’t even find a job in technical support. Not email support, not chat support, and certainly not voice support.

So there. Without English communication skills you scratch off a number of work opportunities online.

Yes, you may not be able to do all that I mentioned above, but you can still find a job as a VA and work from home. After reading this article you’ll learn about the best way to find a virtual assistant job even if you are not English proficient.

Skill building and your desire to help yourself

It’s true. There are people working online even without English communication skills.

I’ve been working with virtual assistants who are not English proficient. And don’t get me wrong, they are not some throwaway freelancers, they are vital cogs in our team.

The most apparent answer is be a coder. If you are a coder, you’re probably not reading this because you’re already swamped with all the online programming offers coming your way (well unless you suck).

Not all of us can code. But all of us can learn a few basic technical skills.

I worked with virtual office mates before who are awesome around the Cpanel and can troubleshoot email problems in a snap. These are the kind of skills that you need to develop if you want to be a VA.

Skills that will make you useful online

Unfortunately, it really is a dog eat dog world out there in the online world. Without proper web skills you are left unemployed or underemployed.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of tutorials and how-to’s out there today. Use that.

Here are valuable skills that you need to know to make yourself useful and sometimes indispensable.

1. Search Engine Optimization - Do you really need me to elaborate on this one?

This skill is the shit that almost every website owner, internet marketer, and entrepreneur is looking for.

Here are some links that you need to read right now if you want to learn more about SEO.

That just scratches the surface to tell the truth. So get on with reading them now.

2. Wordpress skills - 19% of the web runs on Wordpress

Forget Joomla, Drupal, Ghost, and other CMS’s like that. Focus on Wordpress for now until a new one comes along.

Here are some links you need to read right now if you are interested in learning Wordpress.

View the videos, read the tutorials. Just get started.

As they say in Internet Business Mastery, “Progress, not perfection.” Just pick one of the links above and start learning now.

3. Cpanel administration - Sounds complicated but this is easy. If I can learn it so can you.

You do not need to master all of the Cpanel features. Just learn basic skills like email creation, email forwarding, creating an FTP account, adding on domains.

Here are links that will help you learn more about Cpanel administration.

Soon I’ll be able to complete my basic Cpanel operation tutorial videos. Don’t wait for that. Just click on any of the links above and start now.

4. Learn Internet marketing tools - You need to learn stuff like spinning tools, SEO tools, and scrapers. I have some free spinning tools in my resource page in case you don’t know.

So without further ado, here are IM tools you need to learn.

Oh man, these are just some basic tools.There are many more you need to learn so freakin’ start learning right away.

  • Official Cpanel video tutorials / Host Gator video tutorial system
  • The Best Spinner tutorial video
  • GSA Search Engine Ranker tutorial / Article Marketing Robot / SEnukeX tutorial
  • SEO Content Machine / Kontent Machine

English skills? Whatever just learn what you can to be useful

Now you know the tools and skills you need to learn in order to work from home without having the best English communication skills. As you can see, this page alone has a ton of them.

Be careful of information overload. But even so, If you are willing to learn nothing can stop you.

In this case what you really need is the grit to learn some skills. As I said above, this is not even close to a complete list.

This post is just the beginning of your journey to online employment. If you take action now, I guarantee that you will get that online job even if you only have basic English skills.

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